Logitech Replaces Harmony Remotes With Free Apps For Google TV

Logitech's Harmony remotes are among the most acclaimed, most popular programmable remotes in the industry. But in a forward-looking move, Logitech is turning Harmony into a free iPhone/iPod/Android app to work with their Google TV companion box.

From Logitech's post on the matter:

As I mentioned before, the companion box will also let you use a free app for your Android phone or iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad device that can talk to Harmony Link – basically giving your personal devices the kind of control that only a remote like the Logitech Harmony 900 could give you before. Yes, a free app plus your new companion box will give you the same control over your home entertainment system as our most powerful Logitech Harmony remote.

Note: So there's a big catch, and it's that you need to buy Logitech's box, loaded with Harmony Link software, to use this free remote.

But when we break down the idea - an app connecting through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to a piece of hardware with IR blasters to control all of your devices - there's little reason the Harmony app couldn't work through all GoogleTV devices, depending how Logitech chooses to ultimately market and design the software.

In such a case, Logitech's profit model becomes a bit more confusing. But you know, technically, it seems possible. [Logitech]

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