Leaked Sony Ericsson Android Phones Boast Big Screens, Xperia Looks

Will Android solve Sony Ericsson's multitude of issues? Probably not, but leveraging the OS and bolting it onto an Xpera frame and a 5" slider phone with visual cues from the HTC Shift couldn't hurt, right?

I mean, there's nothing visually stunning, original or new about these phones. The white one to the left is the "Shakira," and is rumoured to fit in between the Xperia X10 and Xperia Mini. A fall release date is likely.

The second, the aforementioned slider with the big screen, runs Android 2.1 and...well, as we're about four or five months out on both these phones, details are light.

If you're one to get the vapors over phones like these, I imagine the summer is going to be a tough one. As for the rest of us, there's the WWDC, of course, but also some drying paint and growing grass that I spotted on my way to the office today. [Sebbs.it, SEMCBlog via BGR]

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