Leaked Docs: Windows 8 To Feature Kinect-Like Features, Instant On/Off, More

Some leaked documents out of Redmond show a whole bevy of new features headed to the next version of Microsoft's OS, including some very Kinect-like features.

Those features involve a camera being able to detect you via facial recognition when you sit down and sign you in automatically. When you get up and leave, it can go to sleep automatically as well. Additionally, if someone else shows up, it can quickly switch between user accounts based on who it sees in front of the computer.

Neat enough, I suppose. Other features that are unsurprisingly in the pipeline include support for USB 3 and Bluetooth 3, faster boot sequences and ambient light sensing.

The timeline for Windows 8? 2012, tentatively. So we're a ways off, and lord knows things will change significantly between now and then. But with Microsoft pushing Kinect for Xbox so hard, it wouldn't be entirely surprising to see its facial/voice recognition and motion controls brought to the personal computer. We'll see! [Being Manan, Neowin]

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