Kill Gadget Germs Dead With Violight's Snake-Oil UV Light Sanitiser

From the same company that makes toothbrush sanitisers comes the gadget sanitiser - seen here rinsing an iPhone with UV light to kill all the nasty germs living on it.

Sounds like one of those devices that no one really needs, right? I mean, you could just use a sanitising hand wipe or something - or even put up with the germs. They're not going to kill you, after all. There's a good chance it might ward off a cold or two though, so for that I'd give it a chance.

It works with more than iPhones, fitting most phones, MP3 players and even Bluetooth headsets, and will be on sale in October for $US50 for all Howard Hughes-ites. [Violight via Gearlog via OhGizmo]

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