Kate Lundy for IT: The Change We Really Need

So the federal government #spill is done and we have our first female PM in Julia Gillard. Wow. Kevin Rudd, we hardly knew you. If this is to change what matters to people like us, we want to see Conroy follow Rudd to a seat up the back [UPDATE: or move him up to Finance now Tanner is leaving... -ed] . Give the Broadband, Communications, and Digital Economy portfolio to someone who really understands how important and exciting the future of the BCDE portfolio really is. We want the job to go to Senator Kate Lundy — unquestionably the best person for the job.

So today we start a Gizmodo campaign to encourage our new Prime Minister to choose the BEST person for the job. Sure, politics doesn't always work that way. Look at the history of tech ministers... But today we have a chance to change the terrible course Conroy has put us on. Let's say 'No More Conroy! We Want Lundy!'

We know politics is all about back room deals and promises, but keeping Senator Conroy on board as your BCDE minister would be a mistake. Aside from trying to force a puritanical Internet filter down our throats, he has repeatedly embarrassed the Labor party in the eyes of the tech-savvy by making shit up to help his arguments about how scary technology and the Internet can be if we don't apply greater measures of control. Statements like iiNet supporting the proposed filter, that Google hoovered up banking details with their streetview cars. Statements of a man who doesn't truly understand what he's talking about, or worse, understands but flagrantly denies the truth to run with an agenda. He has lost all respect in the technology community, regularly acting like a petulant child when someone who does understand the space criticises his actions.

Then there's the whole spams and scams thing. Even after a few weeks, we haven't worked out what the hell the portal is.

Don't be too tempted to show government stability by keeping the frontbench as is. BCDE is a portfolio that is hurting the government's respect amongst the netizens of our Australian community.

But you know who does have a lot of respect with the tech community? Senator Kate Lundy.

We'll be exploring why in coming days, and we hope you'll take note. If it's time for a change in Labor, there's no better change than replacing Conroy with a forward thinking minister for BCDE like Senator Lundy.


    Hear, hear!

    I second that Hear Hear!

      Conroy is a tech novice, but he has been far better than anyone else in the role and with the vicious fighting that goes with that role (and will continue to go with that role) he is most probably the best man for the job. The only hope of getting rid of him is if he is promoted to a cabinet position, which given his universally disliked personality is unlikely to happen. Down with the damn internet filter though, what a complete joke and waste of time.

        Please tell me you're joking. I think my tech-illiterate mother could do a better job in this position. Stephen Conroy can't seem to understand the concept of research and babbles a mass junk. 'Viruses through portals'? Sounds like a 1980's sci-fi, not 'serious' allegations coming from our Minister of broadband and communications.

    Sounds like a great idea in principle. I'm very interested to hear why she should deserve our respect.

      Agreed. I really have no respect for Conroy, but I've never heard of Ms Lundy. I have no idea if she's technologically wise.
      Let's wait and see before jumping on the Giz bandwagon of Lundy.

        do you think its even humanly possible that she could be LESS tech savvy than Conroy?

        Lundy was the shadow minister during the Howard government's time in office and she did a fantastic job. She is one of the rare politicians who understands and is interested in IT.

        I agree conroy needs to go, but this article does not discuss why Lundy is the appropiate candidate.

        How about some evidence as to the pros of her filling conroys position?

        She is also the sole Labor politician who spoke out against Conroys filter and has been campaigning internally to try and change it to an opt-in/opt-out policy. She has also publicly met with people outside the Australian Christian Lobby to discuss their concerns over the whole thing. Unlike Conroy who seems to have the ACL on speed dial

        Conroy cant/wont even answer his parlimentary email account (not even an autoresponce). If Kate can respond to her emails she will have my vote. Conroy is a JOKE, Julia give him the boot.

        I'm fairly sure that the link *in this article* explains why Kate Lundy is a much better choice for this sector. She might not have an IT or CS degree behind her, but she's got her head screwed on straight about what she does and doesn't know, and she knows enough to make informed decisions or get informed first.


      I have definitely heard of Kate Lundy. When the ALP was in opposition, she was shadow minister for the portfolio Conroy has now. She is strongly IT literate, and has a very good adviser in Pia Waugh (whom I follow on Twitter). The kind of thing that impresses me about Kate Lundy is that when I corrected a point of fact on her blog - as I did when she was quoting something of Conroy's - there was a real (non-robot) response that said I had a good point. Lundy believes the filter should not be mandatory, which is a huge improvement on Conroy. I strongly support having Kate Lundy as Minister instead of Conroy. Changing the leadership to Gillard is not enough to win my vote back, but putting Lundy in place of Conroy could do that. And Lundy is the only one I think the ALP has who is up to the task.

    Amen brother!

    I agree. Let's see a Getup campaign.

      Strongly agree that Kate Lundy would be an excellent choice.

      Strongly disagree that rent-a-crowd like GetUp is the right avenue. They're a fraction as effective as they like to think and in many cases, are actually counter productive.

    Tanner will probably end up Treasurer, but if not I'd put him forward as a suitable candidate.


    We should put his 3 year in his place, she obviously understands technology better then he does

    Where do I sign up? :-p

    I'd like to reply to some of these comments, but my 3 year old daughter locked my comment fields this morning and I don't know how to fix it.

    These damnable internet portals!

    Lundy: Nice work, Gizmodo, here's your big bag of money.

    im not sure what kate is like but i cant see her being worse than mr Dbag

    Exceptional choice!


    I agree, she's perfect for the job. Tanner would be a great treasurer as well. I'm hoping this will trigger the shuffle in the front bench to MP's strengths.

    She would do A LOT better. and she's hotter than Conroy

    anything to support kate = i'm there.

    Well said Gizmodo.

    Conroy.....don't let the portal hit you in the ass on the way out!

    if she is to dump the internet filter, and get rid of all this monitoring crap, then she might get my vote, otherwise I am not convinced!

    We now have Kath & Kim running the Fed Government.

    God help us..

    I'm not sure what difference you think it would make. It's Labor's policy, not Conroy's. If you don't want the internet filter, don't vote for Labor. It's that simple. Greens, Liberals, Liberal Democrats, whatever.

      Changing Conroy can change their policy. Abbott did the same thing to the Libs' carbon policy.

    FFS it's the PortalZ, that's where your going wrong with understanding it.

    Oh and I concur Kate Lundy for BCDE Minister.

    Senator Kate Lundy has the knowledge and the ability to tame Australia's digital wilderness. Show your support for Senator Lundy to become Australia's Broadband & Communications Minister while the big spill is on!

    Getting rid of Conroy will give Labour a chance to win my vote back, something I can't see happening otherwise.

    Should Gizmodo attempt to popularize personal political views? Agree or disagree it is a trait that quickly turns me off journo's.

      This is not an attempt to popularise personal political views.

      Gizmodo has presented a clear, well argued and reasoned argument as to why the minister should be changed. They have identified that a person in the current parliament and governing party has better credentials for the ministry than the incumbent. This is clearly an opinion piece and an example of good journalism where the opinions are supported by information and the writer stands by that opinion rather than hiding behind the standard tropes of pretending that they are reporting by using phrases such as "people have said..." or "there are amours that..." and then writing their own feelings totally unsupported by facts or arguments.

        "This is clearly an opinion piece", so we are in agreement then. My only question is the choice of forum not the quality of the presentation.

        "This is not an attempt to popularise personal political views" You are mistaken, read the swelling support in these replies, again I don't care I only question the forum.

        If in your opinion journalists are not allowed to express an opinion on political matters in a publication like Gizmodo then what do you think the "correct" forum is?

        Let me ask you this... When Ross Gittins writes an article for the SMH that strongly criticises the reaction of the mining industry and the opposition to the RSPT did that turn you off? Did you see that as "popularising personal political views"?

      WTF? How is an article about the Telecommunications Minister by a Technology reporter posted on a Gizmodo forum (for Technology related articles) then tell me what is wrong with this "forum"???

      You clearly don't have a clue as to Conroy's perceptions in the ICT industry as nobody is even voting for Labor because of this fool. With him gone (and possibly several others) and better management and improvement of not the policies (a safer and cleaner web for all) but the DELIVERY of these policies (the contraversial Internet filter) then Labor might just begin to start winning back some voters.. as they will demonstrate that they CAN listen to us and aren't a mob of ignorant and power hungry fools such as Rudd and Conroy!

        Alright, politics on a Tech site is clearly the way to go if the amount of comments are any indicator, and another article posted today.

    Choosing a Communications Minister based on their knowledge in Communications? what is wrong with you people? you should be ashamed of yourselves for even suggesting such a thing!

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