James Bond's Gadget-Laden Aston Martin DB5 Car Could Be Yours

You love James Bond as much as the next man, but $US5 million? Do you love Bond that much? Someone out there does — with one of the two cars driven by Sean Connery in the films now up for auction.

Connery revved the Aston Martin DB5's engines in Goldfinger and Thunderball, and has been described by the auction-house as "the world's most famous car". It comes replete with all the gizmos Q fitted to the car to make it Bond-friendly, including a smoke screen (handy for evading parking inspectors, that), revolving number plates (great for when you pelt through a speed camera zone), a bulletproof shield (teenagers are still throwing eggs at cars, right?), tracking device (eh, probably not as useful as Google Latitude), oil slick sprayer (a touchy subject nowadays, so perhaps forget your new car has this function) and fake machine guns. Which, err, I don't recommend you use in this day and age. Not in public, anyway.

Originally bought for $US12,000 back in 1969, the $US5 million estimation will net the radio broadcaster-owner $US4,988,000 in profits - which he plans on pumping into his self-named Jerry Lee Foundation. [Pursuitist via Reuters via Jalopnik]

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