Is Senator Conroy Still Minister For BCDE? (UPDATED)

The Parliament of Australia website has updated its site with a new Ministry list to reflect the change in PM. The bad news is that the PDF link – found here – still has Stephen Conroy as Minister for Broadband, Communication and the Digital Economy.

The question now is whether or not the list is reflective of cabinet changes, or merely a quickly updated list to reflect the change in PM and Deputy. At her press conference, Prime Minister Gillard announced that she would announce ministry changes “at an appropriate time”. Maybe it’s just us, but a few hours later is hardly an appropriate time.

In any case, if it’s the former, it’s a huge disappointment for the country. If it’s the latter, there’s still hope we’ll see Kate Lundy take the portfolio.

UPDATE: It looks like this updated list is just a temporary update. I suppose we should let the new PM actually get some sleep before she reshuffles the cabinet, hey?