iPhone 4 Due In Australia 'Late July'

There's only a single relevant detail of the iPhone 4 that the U.S. team didn't share with you: the scheduled Australian release date. And according to the press release, that date is "Late July".

There's no word on pricing, which is hardly a surprise. And given the recent delays Australia's had to endure with the iPad, it's possible we could have the same situation with the new iPhone where "Late July" becomes "August". Although that hasn't happened with the two previous iPhones, so it probably won't with this one either.

UPDATE: As reader BEn points out, the new iPhone is Quad band UMTS, meaning it will work on Optus and Vodafone's regional 900MHz network. Probably won't help the city coverage at all, but at least now Optus and Voda customers will get 3G wherever the network is available...

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