iPad Apps At 10,000, Growing Faster Than Original iPhone App Store

Approval process be damned, the dedicated iPad App Store section is 10,000-strong and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Even more impressive is that iPad apps have reached the 10,000 milestone faster than their iPhone cousins.

Back in 2008, it took a full five months for dedicated iPhone/iPod tuch apps to reach 10,000. The iPad got to where it is on the shoulders of the iPhone and a more established iTunes/App Store, of course, but the growth is impressive nevertheless.

Additionally, an overwhelming majority are paid apps, standing at 78 per cent of all iPad-specific apps. That's a tick higher than the iPhone, which stands at 75 per cent of its 225,000 total apps. Impressive, Apple. Also impressive is this milestone puts the iPad in third behind iPhone and Android in terms of total apps on the market. [AppleInsider]

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