Intergalactic Goonies Discover Cave On Mars

A group of precocious California high schoolers have managed to find a large cave on Mars. Well done, youth of America! When I was in seventh grade, I'm not sure I'd even discovered girls yet.

The industrious science class from Cottonwood, CA's Evergreen Middle School discovered the cave while working on a research project with the Mars Space Flight Facility at Arizona State University. The opening, spotted with a Mars-orbiting camera near the Pavonis Mons volcano, is only the second of its kind seen in the area. Future Martian spelunkers take note: it measures 189m by 158m wide, with a hole at least 116m deep.

Find a new Martian cave before puberty? That's a pretty good pace those kids are setting. And it beats the heck out of dissecting frogs. [CBS News via CNET, Image: NASA]

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