Idiot-Proof Guide To Rooting The HTC Evo

Why hack your Evo? Free Wi-Fi tethering and plenty of other benefits. OK, but how hard is it? Not too bad with the help of a few apps. This step-by-step, "idiot-proof" guide from Android Forums will hold your hand, gently.

AU: These instructions are specific to the HTC Evo, which is exclusive to US carrier Sprint. -EH

by TheBiles

In this guide, I will provide a way for you to backup your phone in case you have any vital programs, and I will take you all the way through getting back to the rooted stock image and restoring your apps (from there, you will be on your own!). This DOES work with Sprint's latest OTA (ends in .6).

Please let me know if there are any errors or any omissions (something like Titanium Backup not working with unrEVOked; I haven't tested this). Also if someone wants to take some screenshots of the recovery stuff or just has images of the steps, just let me know and I can add them.

1. First things first, if you don't want to backup your apps, skip to step #14.


2. Go to the settings menu, and select Applications.

3. Check the box next to "Unknown Applications" and accept the warning.

4. Go to your web browser and navigate to unrevoked.

5. Click the logo to download the file, as it says.

6. Once the file is done downloading, click it.

7. Click the install button, and hit "open" when it is done installing.

8. Click Start!

9. When you get the "Done" message, navigate to the Market and find Titanium Backup. I HIGHLY recommend the donate version, but you need to donate to the dev via PayPal to get a licence file, and it could take him up to a day to email it to you.

10. Click "open" after it is done installing and click the "Problems?" tab at the bottom.

11. Click "yes" to install BusyBox.

12. When Titanium Backup restarts, press Menu and select "Batch".

13. Backup all of your apps here.


14. Plug in your phone's USB cable and connect it to your computer. You should get a prompt in the notification bar that the phone is connected. Open the notification bar and select where it says "charge only".

15. Change the type to "disk drive" and select "Done".

16. Download this file, and save it to your desktop.

17. Since your phone is connected as a disk drive, navigate to My Computer and you will see it as "Removable Disk". Drag and drop the file you just downloaded to the icon.

18. At this point, we are about to flash the debug image. YOUR DATA WILL ALL BE WIPED AFTER THIS POINT!

19. Hold down "power" to bring up the following menu. Select "Power off".

20. Select "OK".

21. At this point, I don't have any screenshots, but I will post toast's exact words that you should follow to the letter:

- Hold volume down while powering the phone on. continue to hold volume down until you see the WHITE bootloader screen.

- After a few seconds it will begin to checking for files, and find while its doing this it will show a blue progress bar while its checking. (this takes 30 - 60 seconds to finish)

- It will then list all the images in the zip and ask you if want to flash. SAY YES

- When its finished it will ask you if you would like to reboot. AGAIN... SAY YES

- At this point it will boot into a rooted rom.

Essentially, you just have to hold the volume down button as you press the power button, and the phone will do the rest. Just accept any prompts you get.

22. You are now rooted! Congratulations! However, this debug ROM will not show protected apps in the Market, so we're going to install a rooted version of the stock ROM now.

23. After everything is booted, reconnect your USB cable and enter disk drive mode as described before.

24. Navigate to the file and rename it however you want. This prevents it from running when ever you reboot. After this file is renamed, disable "disk mode" the same way you enabled it.


NOTE: Steps 25 - 28 may not work for you! You may just want to skip them and go straight to step #29, which contains the fix if these steps do not work. Some users have reported different results, so if these steps do or don't work for you, please let me know!

25. Go to the Market and download ROM Manager free (or donate if you want!). Open it.

26. Select Flash ClockworkMod Recovery.

27. Select your device.

28. Confirm that it downloads successfully. If you get a force close the first time or two, just ignore them and try again. Same goes for download errors. Sometimes his servers can be slow.

29. If ROM Manager just won't work for you, download this file, rename it to "", and copy it to the root of your SD card just like we did with the debug image before.


30. At this time, we will download the rooted stock ROM. Get it here and save it to your desktop. Also note, you can replace this stock ROM with any custom ROM that you please, but I am just using the stock for demonstration purposes. Follow the exact same steps but with any ROM you want.

31. Copy it to your SD card exactly like we did before with the first ROM. Make sure you re-enable disk mode so you can copy files again.

32. Now I also don't have pictures for this part, but I will give you the exact words from Koush on how to boot into recovery:

When you want to launch the recovery image

* Turn on your device with 'volume down' pressed and select 'Recovery'

* When the exclamation mark appears, press and hold 'volume up' then press 'power'

* Select the second option, 'Apply

* That's it, ClockworkMod recovery should launch!

Just like before, we turn off the phone and hold the volume down key as we power on the device. However, this time we will select "Recovery" from the menu (move down with the volume button and select it with the power button). Now you will see a screen with an exclamation mark. Press and hold the volume up button and press the power button. Select the "apply" option, and you will be in recovery mode.

33. First, wipe the cache partition and the user data by selecting their respective menu options. From here, select "install zip from sdcard". Now select "choose zip from sdcard" and navigate to the stock ROM .zip file that we downloaded.

The full recovery menu will read as follows:

-reboot system now -apply sdcard: -wipe data/factory reset -wipe cache partition -install zip from sdcard -nandroid -partitions menu -advanced - *****Go Back*****

Select the bolded in the items in the order in which they appear. After all is wiped, select -install zip from sdcard then pick -choose zip from sdcard and finally navigate to the zipped ROM that you want to install.

34. After the ROM is done installing, pick "reboot system now" from the menu.

35. Congratulations again! You are now running a rooted version of the stock ROM. You can restore your apps with Titanium Backup or you can get another custom ROM and flash it exactly the same way that you flashed the stock ROM. I highly recommend Fresh ROM, which can be found in this topic. In fact, ANY custom ROM can be flashed in the same manner that is described in steps 30-34.

That's all, folks! I hope you enjoy your root!

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