HyperMac Micro And Mini Updated To Charge Your iPad, iPhone 4

HyperMac, our favourite external batteries, just updated the Hypermac Mini and Micro with charging support for the iPad and iPhone 4. Batteries are boring but HyperMacs are great. Plus you can express yourself through 10 different colour choices!

The big boy HyperMac has already been compatible with iPad but now its little brothers, the Micro and Mini can join the iPad and iPhone 4 juicing party too. At 3600mAh and 7200mAh respectively, they can boost iPad battery life from five to 10 hours and charge the iPhone three to six times. They're both available in all the colours of the iPod Nano plus a "darker black" option.

The HyperMac Micro and Mini are now available for $US89.95 and $US119.95. If you're quick enough, Hypermac is holding a launch special that'll cut down the price by $US20. [HyperMac]

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