Hoodie With Earbuds Instead Of Strings Is Greatest iPod Accessory Of All

Hoodies have strings around the neck, right? Have you EVER used those strings? Why you'd want to tighten a noose around your neck, I'll never know. The HoodieBuddie cleverly replaces the strings with earbuds; the pocket contains a 3.5mm jack.

All you need to do is whack your iPod into that 3.5mm jack, hiding in the front-right pocket, and you can listen to music without your wires getting tangled. Really, I'm surprised this type of innovation costs $US44. Amazing. [HoodieBuddies via CrunchGear]


    Ummm, what? The strings don't tighten the hoodie around your neck. They tighten the opening of the hoodie around your face.

      .. unless you are wearing the hood down, which is how it's worn more often than not.

    great, except walking around looking like you have draw strings shoved into your ears may make you look like some kind of super weirdo

    How do you wash it? I like it but I think I'd probably break it.

      the whole thing is machine washable, earbuds and all. it looks pretty sweet to me, i'm definitely getting it when it comes out.

    what if it gets warm? D:

    What if the headphones are shit?

      The headphones sound great, and they come with extra earbuds, so you'll be able to find a perfect fit.

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