Hey Yellow Pages, It's Time For You To Die

"Dear Bell and Yellow Pages. We all have a thing called the internet. Please stop wasting stuff." We fully subscribe those words. Yellow pages, it's time for you to die. [Obsolete]


    I concur

    I'm pretty sure if yellow pages only needed to print for the old grandmas (only 10% of their current capacity), It would make quite a difference to paper saved.

    before you make comments like that check out the Roy Morgan statistics mate. over 8.5 million searches a week nationally via the Yellow Pages book.

      Compared to the in excess of 100 million searches per week on Google alone nationally. Search engines also measure every click rather than using approximations based on small samples. If you are serious about advertising, get your online marketing right and get out of the yellow pages and your effectiveness and ROI will go through the roof!

    Unfortunantly Aus's population seems to be like 70-80% n00bs who barely know how to turn on a computer and click on things without BSODing. I'm not even joking. They are learning though.


    *retreats to bomb shelter, phone books in hand*

    The only time I use Yellow Pages is when the internet goes down to get the ISP's phone number.
    Though that won't happen anymore because the number is now in my mobile.
    Yeah it's pretty pointless...

    I find the hard copy Yellow pages here far simpler to you than our sorry excuse for a search engine. However, I think we should collect them from a post office or get them on request. They are a great waste of paper and energy just to give us new door blocks every year

    But if they get rid of the yellow pages, what will I use to boost the height of my monitor?

    it should be demand\supply
    if u want one you give them a call and they deliver one for you... charge $1 if u want.... but still that will cut huge % of the door stoppers to be produced

    Add the Gregorys to that pile

    Why not stop printing newspapers and magazines as well... they make a lot more waste in one week than the once per year book, which still does get used even if it's 'older people'. There are a lot more 'older people' in the world than internet using kids btw!

    @Tim Bradford - 100 million searches being made on Google Nationally is great, but mate what does the majority of these searches comprise of.
    Do yourself a favour a google the top 10, 100, then 1000 searches being made on Google.

    Hey, why was my comment deleted?

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