Hey, Steve Wozniak! ColorWare Your Segway For $US6000

Fans of the Segway (such as Steve Wozniak) are no longer restricted to just black, white or sage alternative-walking-devices. Now, they can ColorWare the shit out of their i2 models!

As you know, ColorWare has reams of colour possibilities, including a ton of metallic hues. It's not clear whether they'll be accepting your current Segway to paint, or if they're only selling new Segways like the HDTV deal they launched recently. Either way, you can choose different colours for the handle bar, upper leansteer, lower leansteer, leansteer hub, centre console, front bumper, rear bumper, front battery, rear battery, fenders, inner hubs, wheels and hub caps. Phew!

Cost? Only $US6000. [ColorWare]

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