Half A Million CDs In A Sea Of Obsolescence

Where do all those "1000 HOURS FREE!" AOL discs end up? Apparently at Long Knoll Park in Kilmington, England, where a group of 160 friends recently laid 600,000 discs to create CDSea, a massive waterway of obsolete media.

CDSea is the work of artist Bruce Munro, who put out the call for unused CDs only a few weeks ago. Unsurprisingly, they poured in by the thousands. But the work was inspired by a moment almost three decades ago, when Munro was in Sydney, Australia:

The light was still strong, like a blanket of shimmering silver light. I had this childish notion that by putting my hand in the sea I was somehow connected to my home in Salcombe, where my father lived //// I came away from the beach in a very positive frame of mind.

A highly personal piece of art that's also an impressive public spectacle - let's see you do that with your iTunes library. CDSea will remain installed in the park for two months - the snaking section in the middle is intended as a public pathway - after which the CDs will be recycled. Think of it as one last tribute to the AOLs and Limp Bizkits of the world before they fade away forever [Yatzer]

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