"Hackers" Respond To AT&T's iPad Security Breach Email

Goatse Security, the "hackers" which AT&T blamed for the iPad security breach, have responded to the carrier's letter sent to the 114,000 customers affected, saying that had they not notified the media (Gawker), Chinese hackers would've done far worse.

Our sister site Gawker was alerted to the security issue last week by Goatse Security, who today wrote on their blog that:

"If not for our firm talking about the exploit to third parties who subsequently notified them, they would have never fixed it and it would likely be exploited by the RBN or the Chinese, or some other criminal organisation or government (if it wasn't already)."

The security breach has been deemed so massive, that the FBI has waded in, labelling it as a "potential cyberthreat". The full letter, written by Goatse Security member Escher Auernheimer, can be viewed on their blog. Its an interesting read not just for individuals whose email addresses were compromised, but for anyone who has the slightest interest in their own personal security in this digital age. [Goatse Security]



    "Goatse Security"? There's a firm called "Goatse Security"? And we're just going to accept that and move on without mentioning it? Yeah, ok.. Sure, why not?

    "Death Duck"? There's a commenter called "Death Duck"? And we're also just going to accept that and move on without mentioning it are we? Hmmm...

    "Shane"? There's a... never mind.

    But hang on. OSX is 'rock solid'. It's fully secure. It doesn't get affected by 'PC viruses'... oh I see.

    This means two things, iPad is extremely popular, and its software can be tampered with just like every other device!

    The entire Android device range will probably be next. Eventually so will linux (ubuntu specifically) in general with netbooks pushing linux into the mass market. Also Google's Chrome OS will be a target if it launches smoothly.

    You give any software enough popularity and you'll have people looking for ways to exploit it.

    Though I would still say OS X has a few years of security through obscurity left in it.

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