Google Search Will Cease To Exist In China By Friday

As a result of Google standing up to cafeteria-manager China, demanding they serve pie every day of the week, China's revoked their Internet Content Provider licence, meaning in 24 - 48 hours the Chinese people can't access Google at all.

For the last three months, Google's been redirecting the Chinese from to, their Hong Kong search engine. They've been enjoying full-flavoured, unfiltered pie since, with Google claiming that "this redirect, which offers unfiltered search in simplified Chinese, has been working well for our users and for Google."

Unfortunately it's not been working so well for the Chinese government. Their ICP, normally renewed annually, has not been renewed as of today, meaning they cannot legally run a website in the country. Google will still continue to exist in the country however, through Android phones and other services, but for now it looks like search engine Baidu (which has around 60 per cent share in the country, compared to Google's 30 per cent) will be coughing up the search results for everyone - well, those who haven't already found a proxy server to continue eating Google's unfiltered, unrefined pie. [Reuters]

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