Go Go Gadget Hummer

The Shadow Hawk is like a Hummer reimagined by Inspector Gadget. Except it gets better fuel mileage.

Weighing 2177kg and armed with 1100 horsepower,, the Shadow Hawk can go 0 to 100km/h in 3.5 seconds hitting a top speed of 335km/h - yet it still manages an incredible 9.4km/L.

But the most incredible feature has nothing to do with performance; it's the d-pad-controlled suspension, which allows you to lift the car's ground clearance from 0 to 44 inches, while in motion, including full pitch and roll. I don't think that's quite enough to clear most vehicles to pull off the fabled same-lane pass, but it should handle that prick who cut you off in his sports car.

You can customise the Shadow Hawk with configurations including standard two-door or four-door options and more enticing upgrades like five-point harnesses and armament. Yes, that read "armament". And if you've got $US1.2 million in your pocket, why the heck aren't you drinking on a beach somewhere? (Also, you could feasibly purchase one of 12 of these limited run vehicles.) [JamesList via BornRich]

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