Give Your Ancient Android Sparkling New Features With This Free App

Around 50 per cent of Androids still run under 1.6, making this ADW.Launcher app a must-download app. It brings some of the later features of Android to the early OS versions, such as multiple screens. Need more convincing? It's free. tested the app and said it was "honestly like getting a new mobile phone, only without having to spend hours dealing with an aggressive call centre operative". As well as giving you up to seven homescreens (which let you store more apps on the pages, plus demonstrate how fast the processor is by swiping your greasy finger left-right-right-right-left), it also gifts you with 3D drawers, customisable icons and widgets.

If you needed any more reason to download it, I'll leave you with another winning quote from EuroDroid:

"It's up there alongside the best things you'll see on Android. We're still a little amazed by it, to be honest."


There are two versions to download - one for phones running Android 1.6, and the second for 2.0+. [ADW.Launcher via EuroDroid]

Image Credit: Android Tapp

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