Giant USB Spaghetti Cable Monster Invades Australia

This is not a photo of a USB cable mess over a dirty carpet. It's a real and completely un-retouched image capture from Google Maps. A satellite view of a small part of Waubra, in Victoria, Australia.

It's the Waubra Wind Farm, owned by Spanish power company Acciona. The cables are the tracks:

And the USB connectors are the foundation of the wind turbines:

Can anybody find now a giant printer? Thanks. [Google Maps]



    town near Waubra called Blowhard

      well obviously! sounds like the perfect place for wind turbines.

    Haha I googled Waubra and found it almost instantly just a little north west of where the google map takes you.

    And LOL @ Daryl's comment. Found Blowhard too.

    I wonder if Blowhard has a rapidly increasing number of pregnancies or population.

    Earth graffiti. Why didn't they create something beautiful?
    All I see is a Spanish power company defacing Australia. Crazy.

      Andrew - are you serious? Wind turbines are absoloutely magnificent structures - a testament to Man's engineering prowess, and also a thing of beauty.

        So were power lines in the movie 'the castle'... hehe

        Nothing against green energy, however, my point here is, would it be worth considering how can we better integrate our technologies into the environment. Not just at eye level, in it's entirety. 'est', you miss mybpoint entirely. Try not to be so limited in your thinking, its a tricky problem, however, nothing is impossible. This kind of thing has a global impact, not just local farmers.

      Dude, I have heard (I think it was Dr. Karl) that if you had the size of Victoria and built a windmill farm on it that would be enough to power the entire world. You could place chunks of these farms anywhere around the world.

    Way to miss the point here, Andrew. I'm sure Acciona had better things to think about than what its windfarm looks like from above, like perhaps weighing placement for optimum wind energy collection vs least impact on the underlying farmlands?

      Err, way to miss the point est? It's a Spanish company. They seem to be a long long way from home don't you think? Why isn't it an Australian company?

      I am from Australia and I am at a loss for words when I attempt to articulate just what I have witnessed happen to this supposedly "sovereign nation" in my very sort lifetime.

      And if you think 'I' am missing the point, then I would suggest that before you come to that unqualified conclusion that you give this a good watch to point where you actually understand what it is saying.

        And what relevance does them being a Spanish company have? The answer of course is absolutely none. Regardless of who it was built by, it's renewable power for Australia, it's not like they have a giant cable going from there back to Spain or something! We need more focus on developing renewable power and reducing/eliminating our reliance on conventional fuels for power, it doesn't matter WHO is doing it, the point is entirely irrelevant.

    Skynet is coming... the wind farms are just a cover up these ARE actually underground cables connecting huge super computers to take over the world.
    brb going to get some anti-robot guns

    /s :)

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