Get Anywhere, Anytime With Ovi Maps And Free Navigation

Get Anywhere, Anytime With Ovi Maps And Free Navigation

Guess what happened when Nokia started giving away their new Ovi Maps earlier in the year? On average, a map was downloaded every second, 24 hours a day. That’s a lot of people arriving on time for once!

Unlike Google, Ovi Maps offers free* navigation in 74 countries and 46 languages, so you can’t get lost, even if you tried. The GPS pedestrian navigation shows you the quickest route to arriving on time for that job interview, with voice and visual instructions and 3D landmarks. Or if you happen to be driving from A to B, you can turn your Nokia device into a fully functional satnav, with turn-by-turn navigation, voice/visual guidance, real-time traffic info, lane assistance, speed limit warnings and automatic re-routing.

And with free map updates, you’ll never end up on a street that you swear wasn’t a cul-de-sac last time…

The Next Generation Ovi Maps are available now for these 15 Nokia models:

  • X6 16GB
  • N97 mini
  • N97
  • N86 8MP
  • C5
  • E72
  • E71
  • E66
  • E55
  • E52
  • 6730 classic
  • 6720 classic
  • 6710 Navigator
  • 5800 XpressMusic
  • 5230

There are more being added to the list all the time, but if you see your phone in the list already, you can download the new software right now through the Ovi store, through your phone’s software updater, by going to or visiting in your mobile browser.

*Data charges may apply