GE Engineer Crushes Your Childhood Dreams

GE Engineer Crushes Your Childhood Dreams

GE Engineer Matt Gluesenkamp decided that to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the laser, he’d destroy any hope you ever had of lightsabres becoming a reality. Hey, Matt, next time just blow up some balloons or something.

Gluesenkamp spends a good amount of energy explaining the various reasons why lightsabres could never be real. The main hurdle seems to be, well, basically everything. The death blow summary:

It seems quite impossible to create a lightsaber, as seen in the Star Wars films, using existing technologies, materials, and physical laws.

But other than that, we're still on track, right?

Oh, wait, actually: we are. Take that, Matt Gluesenkamp! I look forward to your next project, The Impossibility of Warp Factor 10. [GE via Dvice]