Foxconn Increases Wages With A 66% Pay Rise

First they were offered 20 per cent. Then, 30 per cent. Then Apple was rumoured to be chipping in to help out. Now, it's being reported that Foxconn is offering employees a 66 per cent performance-based pay rise.

From 900 yuan ($161) salary a month, the 66 per cent pay rise would do wonders for employees' motivation, and hopefully go some way to stopping the suicide madness which has gripped the factory the past six months.

There's a small catch behind the 66 per cent pay rise, however. The workers must pass a three-month performance review, which if successful, could net them 2000 yuan per month ($358). It's not known what hoops they must jump through in order to grab that extra money - but regardless of whether the performance review is passed, we imagine the 30 per cent pay rise still holds true. [Reuters]

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