Foxconn Employee: "Life Is Meaningless"

This is how Foxconn employees feel, according to a 21-year-old whom Bloomberg called Ah Wei because he preferred to remain anonymous. Ah Wei copes with these conditions for a monthly salary of 900 yuan ($156). [BloombergThanks, Alex!]

Note that the individual pictured is not Ah Wei.


    i think that is terrible, but also in lebanon the minimum wage is 200$ a month, 6 days a week, 8am to 7 pm, so whats the matter with these people at foxconn ? they just winging they cant com to australia thats y.

      These people are building millions products for us the consumer so companies such as apple, HP and Nokia can turn massive profits that benefit there CEO's and shareholders. They think because they contract out the building of there products that responsibility of ensuring the safety and well being of these employee's is none of there concern.
      At the end of the day the quality of life sucks to the point where reasonable people consider taking there own lives.
      The answer is simple stop buying these products until these companies prove beyond any doubt that they dont take the human factor for granted.

      i'm sure many chinese don't want to come to australia! many people are taken advantage of and this case probably highlights this by companies such as Foxconn and Apple.

      who cares what the minimum wage is, there's alot of money being made and its not being passed on to those who are doing the heavy lifting! if apple and foxconn decide to redistribute the wealth, then they no longer make profit! its at the peril of foxconn employees that we enjoy ipads and so on...

    this is the free market at work, it's more efficient, don't be a communist

    According to the Chinese language news here in Victoria, the security guards stand over the employees and yell at them if they aren't working fast enough, leading to employees working much longer and harder than is healthy.

    here is the thing, although its sad they are getting paid such small wages when companies are churning out billions, if the big companies were going to pay anyone proper wages, they wouldnt give the jobs to the chinese, theyd keep the jobs in country for the PR.

    introducing western economy just not gone work for them
    - increase in labor cost will kill the whole idea of outsourcing leading to 'no-jobs at all' (a bit extreme but that's the idea

    I think it's the repetitiveness of the job that would suck. Other companies have small teams of people putting the device together from start to finish as apposed to the more traditional production line approach. This allows a greater level of job satisfaction. These companies (I think Canon is one) still manage to sell stuff at competitive prices so it should be viable for Foxconn.

      Canon makes great products.. but I dont think their small point and shoots are that price competitive..compared to other brands.

    Really makes me happy that we live in a fair society; Makes me feel horrible that everyone doesn't have the same level of comfort and happiness I enjoy. Maybe everyone will one day

    For a second realise, the use of $156/month is somewhat distorted when read, as we are immediately relating it to our incomes, $156/month is HEAPS if cost of living is $5/month, which it isnt, but it is a relative figure, and should be seen as such.

    Moreso, isnt it amazing what overpopulation does? We get to slave people in foreign countries! (yes, real people, with familes, and better things to do then operate like machines)

    I love the way Earth is going. Oh, and off topic, a big F-U to BP, we just love your oil so much, we dont mind if you F up, our oceans.

    I feel for the wider Foxconn staff but why is this attributed to apple? Foxconn have other customers and all Jobs does is outsource the manufacturing of his product to them. If they're paid poorly or work in horrific conditions then Foxconn should deal with that and will probably feel the repercussions as there customer base abandon them. Blame globalisation and societies drive for lower cost!

    I think we, in developed countries, collectively try overlook come very inconvenient economic realities when these sorts of stories hit.

    Without these very under appreciated workers being paid a pittance, our own economies will suffer. Imagine if iPhones were made in say Australia - how much more expensive they would be just because of the labour costs.

    Labour is always the most expensive part of the manufacturing process so companies opt for factories in countries where wages are low. If a fair minimum wage was set in China and firms like Apple continued to produce there, we the end consumers in developed nations would pay more, this leads to higher inflation and then on to higher interest rates - which hurts everyone (well except banks!).

    The capitalist system in this regard is fundamentally broken as it still relies on cheap pools of labour and has done so for the past 200 years. Perhaps next time any of you think about the virtues of living in a "free" country you may wish to consider the cost this comes at abroad in places like China.

    I'm not being pro-communist by the way, but I would like to think that we can come up with a better economic system which is more equitable and humane than what we have today. TO paraphrase Gorden Geko, Greed is good but only for the greedy, I would have hoped the GFC would have taught us that.

    Economics aside, regardless of the wage conditions in China, having security guards hurl abuse at hapless workers is inexcusable.

    Have great day all


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