Finally, One App With 100 Mediocre Tools!

Which would you rather do: download the specific apps you need, or buy one app full of 100 crappy apps, 85 of which you'll never use? The makers of AppTools 100 in 1 really hope it's the latter!

This insane app really does have 100 tools inside. You know, for someone who really needs a BMI calculator, coin flipper, morse code translator, tic-tac-toe game, baby name database and money counter all in one app. Just go on over to their website and check out the screenshots, it's completely insane.

Clearly, they don't know how the App Store works. Don't they know they could make way more money by uploading all of these garbage apps separately and charging $1.19 each for them? I mean, come on! [AppTools 100 in 1]

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