Exclusive: The New Gigantic Lego Imperial Shuttle

Every year Lego gives us a huge multi-thousand piece Star Wars model, like the 5195-brick Millennium Falcon or the 3800-brick Death Star. Now it's the turn to an all-time favourite of mine: The 2504-piece Lambda-Class Imperial Shuttle.

This beast is 28 inches tall (71cm) and 22 inches wide (57cm) when the foldable wings are fully deployed. The cockpit allows you to sit figures inside, and it includes five minifigs:Darth Vader, Shuttle Pilot, Imperial Officer, Stormtrooper and Luke Skywalker from Return of the Jedi.

The Imperil Shuttle also has rotating double laser wing cannons, landing gear and a display stand. All this technological terror could be yours for $US260, starting in September 2010.

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