Dreamcast Boombox Is The DIY Project You Were Looking For Today

A rusty car squeals to a halt in the 7-Eleven carpark. Out steps a tracksuit-bedecked man, boombox on shoulder. Sauntering over to the rival gang-leader, he presses a button on the boombox. Out filters Ecco The Dolphin's ambient keyboard notes.

The rival gang-leader falls to his knees. He'd only brought Nas' Illmatic! Our protagonist smiles - or was it a grimace? It was hard to tell, such was the bruising surrounding his jaw after last week's face-off with his nemesis. Suddenly, he was extra grateful he'd spent hours soldering his younger bro's Sega Dreamcast into the old boombox - heck he'd even wired four controller ports so he and his bros could huddle around the deck, playing Soul Calibur, Virtua Tennis - even Samba De Amigo when the mood struck them.

He hadn't meant to leave the Ecco The Dolphin disc in the CD-Rom drive of the boombox, but as it happens, his nemesis had nailed the tailwalk move after spending several weeks in the hospital the previous year, chest healing from a gunshot wound. TO BE CONTINUED... [XCKDIY via UK:Resistance]

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