Dinky, Cheap MP3 Player Turns Any Surface Into A Speaker

That chair you're sitting on, the fridge you're leaning against or even the car you're driving home tonight can all be turned into a speaker with iMo's Resonance MP3 player.

It's only got 2GB of internal storage, but as it's measures 95(L) x 65 (W) x 83(H)mm and has four little horn-shaped knobs (for changing the volume or song), you won't be replacing your normal MP3 player anyway. The most interesting thing about the Resonance speaker is that it itself is not a speaker (and won't emit much audio if you're holding it in the air); it only works when it comes into contact with a hard surface. That can be anything you like...I'm sure you're all inventive people.

Kind of pricey for a novelty MP3 player, at just under $US46, but let's face it - you're going to buy this for impressing your colleagues, right? [ChinaVision via 7Gadgets]

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