Cosmic Spectators Train Their Sights On South Africa

Humans and the occasional antelope aren't the only beings training their eyes on South Africa for that World Cup thing. Indeed, there are a few artificial spectators as well, hovering above, hundreds of miles in orbit. These are their stories.

OK actually they don't have any stories because they are satellites, but they do have pictures. Mainly of each of the stadiums - some completely new and very impressive - that are hosting matches for this year's World Cup competition.

The photo above is of the visually pleasing, newly built Moses Mabhida Stadium, located in Durban. It will play host to semi-final matches. The design pays tribute to the South African flag, with the prominent arch and two legs symbolising unity - an important trait if you know anything about South Africa's divided past. Which you should.

The rest of the stadiums, in all their bird's eye goodness, can be seen in the Flickr link that follows. And no, Robert Green's gaff, while enormous, cannot be seen from orbit. [Digital Globe via Flickr via MSNBC]

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