Come On, Nerds! Your iPad Shouldn't Be The Focus Of Your Wedding

You like your iPad. I get it. But if you're getting married, under no circumstances should you carry the damned thing down the aisle and pose with it in your wedding photos. What's wrong with you?

I mean, watch this video. I guess it could be justifiable to read your vows off it. Probably not, but really, I could let it slide. But to carry it down the aisle? To include iPhones and tweeting in the vows? To call your wedding the iPad wedding? Really? That is flat-out gross.

Some people might say that this poor bride is just infinitely patient with her new groom. I would say she's setting herself up at the top of a slippery slope if her new husband is more interested in his phone than her at the alter. [Edible Apple]

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