Chrome OS Coming Along Nicely With Less-Cluttered Look

Google's adapted the aesthetics of Chrome OS slightly, making it even less-cluttered and easier-looking to use, as some screengrabs found in the Chromium OS code page show.

Plus, now it appears you can use Chrome OS without having to log into your Google account. That's probably a nod to sharing computer use, something Apple still needs to address with the iPad. Other tidbits of information gleaned by TechCrunch include the fact that it'll have screensavers and a password-protected screen-lock, and that Google is looking into adding some offline games, similar to that of the typical Solitaire, Minesweeper, Sudoko-style games found on Windows.

Check out the gallery below for some of the new changes found in Chromium (the open source project), which are listed alongside each relevant screengrab. [TechCrunch]

This screengrab shows the Chromium OS content browser.

Chromium OS' notification pop-ups. They kind of remind me of the Facebook chat window.

This is the screen where you choose which account to sign into. Pretty clean looking, and with the avatars it's more than easy to identify which one is yours.

Another log-in screen, where new users can set up accounts.

Options page, where things like the time, date, touch sensitivity of the trackpad and language are located and able to be changed.

This is perhaps where the biggest changes are found in this latest version of Chromium OS. The tabs sidebar is wider, and the time, battery and Wi-Fi are located at the bottom of the sidebar, rather than the top.

Proving you can browse the internet without signing into a Google account.

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