Change Lanes With Tokyo Flash's Latest Watch

Inspired by the colours of taxis and couriers weaving through rush hour traffic, Tokyo Flash's Changing Lanes is another puzzling watch from the Japanese timepiece masters. Can you work out how to read this one?

Running down the left side of the watchface are the hours, with 1:00 at the very top and 6:00 at the bottom. The next 'lane' shows the hours 7:00 to 12:00, starting from the bottom and working up to the top. On the right side are the minutes, shown in three minute segments. Three is at the very top, and down the bottom is 27 minutes, with the lane to the left of the far-right increasing to 57 minutes at the north of the watch. Quarter-minutes, 15 and 45, are located in the middle, and two-minute intervals will light up separately according to Tokyo Flash's description of the watch.

On sale now for ¥15,900 (roughly $212), it comes with blue and orange LEDs and charges by USB - with one full charging (taking 3.5 hours to do so) lasting a month. [Tokyo Flash]

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