Careful Not To Backstroke Over The Edge Of Singapore

Fifty-five storeys up, this infinity pool could glide you straight over the edge of Singapore, if not the world. It's part of the $US6 billion Marina Bay Sands Skypark hotel, which just opened this week.

Ok, so if you were really to propel yourself over the edge, you'd fall into a catchment-area which sends the excess water straight back into the pool. But where's the fun in that? The pool itself is three times the length of an Olympic-sized pool, and is the largest pool in the world at that height reportedly.

Another world record has been broken, with the hotel also becoming the most expensive hotel - knocking Abu Dhabi's Emirates Palace Hotel off it pedestal, which cost a measly $US3 billion to build back in 2004.

The pool runs across three of the hotel's towers, which feature indoor canals, casinos, shops, theatres and a museum. As well as the hotel rooms you'd expect. Don't expect to be staying here on your next visit to Singapore though, as entrance to the casino alone costs $US70. [La Repubblica via DesignBoom]

UPDATE: Apparently the casino charge is only to residents of Singapore, whose government wishes to deter them from gambling. Foreigners can enter the casino for free - though to look off the observation deck, that'll cost $US20.

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