California Licence Plates Are The Next Electronic Billboards

You probably paid a bit too much for your car, but you know what would really be the cherry on top of that upgraded paint job? A mini electronic advertisement that's completely out of your control!

The California Legislature is considering a bill that would begin the research process of digital licence plates - licence plates that would replace age-old stamped metals. From what we can tell, the system would display your normal licence plate number whenever your car was in motion. But stop for four seconds, and the plate switches over to advertise a service or product.

Of course, politicians are quick to remind the public, the ad revenue for a state that's $US19 billion in debt is only a small reason for turning every citizen's car into a cheesy mobile billboard. Drivers will also be able to further customise the plates with personalised messages and support for their favourite sports teams.

It'll be a tragedy when California eventually falls into the ocean, but I'll tell you, the state is really taking proactive steps in shortening the mandatory three-week mourning period. [MercuryNews]

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