Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

HTC Mozart Running Windows Phone 7 Leaks In Australia
Hey Telstra leakers – where’s the Giz AU love?

Apple Now Storing And Sharing Your Location With Others
Quick, someone tell Conroy so he can go on a crusade against Cupertino!

Skype Releases SkypeKit SDK, Will Bring Skype Everywhere
I will not rest until my toilet has Skype.

Only Hot Girls Care About Facebook Privacy
Well, hot girls and Stephen Conroy.

iPhone 3G Owners, You Might Want To Hold Off On iOS 4
Wish someone had told me this last night…

First Green Hornet Trailer Shows Off Seth Rogen’s Badass Toys
What do the comic book nerds among you think?

The iPhone 4 Review (By You)
And by “you” we mean “U.S. readers”, but you get the idea.