Bill Gates On Sparring Steve Jobs And The Imperfect iPad

Gizmodo's favourite reader appeared yesterday in Larry King, along with his dad (who is quite the cool guy too). They talked everything, from his philanthropic work to the iPad and his relationship with Steve Jobs. Here are the highlights:

About Steve Jobs "Steve's brilliant. Done very good work." "We enjoy sparring with each other."

About the iPad [The iPad]"still isn't the device that I would take to a meeting, because it just has no input..." [The perfect tablet]"where I can use the pen, where I can use voice. There are solutions in the labs that are starting to look very good."

About Facebook "I certainly look at my kids' Facebook accounts. They are young enough that is still appropriate."

Bill Gates

My favourite bit is from his father, William Henry Gates Sr, however. On Facebook and Twitter: "I'm really embarrassed. I'm just not into that."

You shouldn't be embarrassed at all, sir. In any case, we all should be embarrassed of using them, so I can only applaud you not being into that.




    Hm. Bill makes a good point. Apple could (and should) make a pen for the iPad, and a good write-to-text converter.

    That said, I believe they won't. Either because it will destroy their 'touch' mentality, or they have not been instructed to by whatever wacky deity they follow.

      They do have a stylus for the iPad it's called the pogo and a lot of the apps do have notebook style formats so you can write. They're all out there you just have to be savvy and take a look. They don't put it out there but they do have a lot more uses. For example, with the iBooks you can now put notes in your bookmarks, granted you can't type them but you can still add notes so you can remember why you hilighted a passage.

        Sorry, I meant you can't write the notes out with a stylus but you can type them.

    what a sad person bill gates is! ha ha ha...

    a pen for the ipad? ha ha ha... more laughs!

    him and his kind have no idea of what a good user interface is!

    more laughs! ha ha ha...

    and richard, man, you are sad too!

    pen on mobile devices are part of the past like your dinousaur mentality!

    more laughs! ha ha ha...

    what a bunch of sad people! ha ha ha

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