Belkin's Energy-Conscious Gear Charges Gadgets, Keeps The Rest In Check

Belkin's Conserve Valet reduces cable clutter and, by charging until your gadgets are full and no further, eliminates pesky vampire-draw. Its cousin, the Conserve Insight, will help out by letting you see how much power your other electronics are sucking.

The $US40 Conserve Valet lets you charge four gadgets and draws zero power once they're charged - a rarity in a world where most chargers continue selfishly sucking power once their duty's done.

The $US30 Conserve Insight lets you play energy detective; plugging it in between your electronics will show you how much wattage they're using and how much CO2 they're generating. OK, easing yourself (and your gadgets) into an energy-aware existence might not necessarily be fun, but at least Belkin's new gear makes it easy. [Belkin]

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