Belkin AV360 Pipes HDMI Into Mini DisplayPorts

If you have a PS3/Xbox that you'd like to play on a 27-inch iMac, the Mini DisplayPort can make things difficult. We've seen HDMI to MDP converters, but rather than settling for some OEM model, Belkin's now offering one too.

Priced at $US150, the AV360 Mini DisplayPort Converter takes a 1080p signal from HDMI and pumps the video to an iMac at 720p (we're assuming the signal downgrade is mandated by copy protection standards and posed the question to Belkin) while splitting the audio signal for stereo-out.

For dorms and small apartments, I guess the solution makes some level of sense. But given that you can acquire a separate 27-inch HDTV for just a bit more, that seems like the better way to go for most of us. [Belkin]

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