Bag Of Rice, Duct Tape Modify Xbox 360 Controller For Disabled Use

As you know, duct tape can be used for pretty much anything, and rice fills a large hole when needed. Coupled with some Xbox 360 controller parts though, they can make a disabled chap get his game on.

With a little help from Ben Heck, Evil Controllers modified an Xbox 360 controller so muscular dystrophy-sufferer Steve Spohn could play the Xbox. The joysticks and buttons are stuck to a makeshift controller with Velcro, and are able to be moved about depending on whatever's most comfortable. If a game is being played where joysticks aren't needed, they can even be ripped off so they don't interfere. The wearer can also put on a t-shirt with buttons sewn into the shoulders, which are activated when the gamer shrugs.

As you can see in the video, it's in a pretty makeshift state at the moment, but Evil Controllers has grand hopes that they'll be able to get it on the market at some point. [PC World via Kotaku]

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