AT&T Considering Selling Unlimited iPad 3G Plan Without The iPad

Apparently there's some stampede on 3G iPads, which are in short supply, so that new customers can activate $US30 3G unlimited plans before Monday, when they're banished forever. As a solution, AT&T is considering selling the iPad 3G data plan without an iPad 3G over the weekend.

That's right. Buy data you won't be able to use! I'm curious as to whether this fringe group - tech savvy Apple fanboys who didn't buy an iPad 3G before but kinda want one now since AT&T went douchebag on us - actually exists. [Bits]

UPDATE: Customers who order the iPad 3G by Monday will be eligible for the $30 unlimited plan. We've reached out regarding how that will work logistically but haven't heard back.

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