At The Edge Of The Video Game World

As a "photographer of the virtual world", Robert Overweg searches first-person and third-person shooter games for striking images. Instead of looking for avatars in vaguely sexual poses though, he's seeking out the very end of the video game world.

You can see several more images from Overweg's "The End of the Virtual World" series in his portfolio, but before you check them out you should hear about the inspiration behind these photos:

This series of photographs originates from four popular first person shooter games (Left 4 Dead 2, Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike and Modern Warfare 2) Unlike you might think the virtual world is not round like the physical world but flat with hard-cut edges. These photographs show us how the virtual world ends. What I find interesting about these photographs is that they behold a certain dramatic almost classical feel to them playing with our real life experiences but cut off.

Overweg's photo series doesn't seem to be anything someone with time on his or her hands couldn't recreate, but it's still curious to see that someone focused so much on discovering something frequently overlooked about video games. [Shot by Robert - Thanks, CC!]

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