Apple Support Says Yellow Tint Problem Is "Residue From Manufacturing"

Apple Support Says Yellow Tint Problem Is "Residue From Manufacturing"

For the first time, Apple support has pointed at a manufacturing issue as the origin of the yellow bands and spots that people are finding in their iPhone 4’s displays. There is no official word from Apple yet.

I too have the yellow discoloration on the bottom of my new iphone 4 screen.

I called apple and they guy told me that it is residue from the manufacturing process and that they rushed the shipments out to hit deadline. He also told me that its just because the residue is not dry fully yet and it should clear up within a couple of days.

Pat Cain

Presumably, this “residue from the manufacturing process” is the adhesive used to bind the glass with the screen, as pointed in our ongoing coverage.

We are still receiving contradicting reports, however. At least three readers have said that Apple support has directed them to ask for a replacement instead of waiting for the yellow spots to disappear.

There is still no word about the other display problem that seems to affect a handful of users: White spots randomly distributed over the screen, resembling a constellation of stars.

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