Apple Site Leaks iWork For iPhone, Again

For the second time this month, Apple's website has tipped that iWork will be coming to iPhone. The evidence this time, popping up in some international versions of the online Apple Store, is pretty indisputable.

When some users ordered unlocked iPhones and clicked on the AppleCare "Learn More" button, they were greeted with a list of supported features, including:

"Using iWork for iPhone and other Apple branded iPhone apps."

Which shows that not only are they planning to release iWork on iPhone - probably sooner than later - but that it's going to be leading the charge of Apple-branded apps. Interesting! And a long-overdue cross-platform play that'll be key to Apple staying competitive in our cloud-based future. Now we just have to figure out how to make spreadsheets on that tiny screen. [MacRumors via SlashGear]

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