Another Sky Spiral Appears, This Time Over Australia

Sure, at this point we know what these things are, but they're still pretty insane to see up in the sky.

Yes, this is a rocket spiralling in the atmosphere, just like the one over Norway from last December. The culprit this time is in all likelihood the SpaceX Falcon 9, a private rocket first tested last Friday from Florida. Its path went right over Australia, and the timing is right for the second stage to be happening right then. So the booster falls off, spirals as gas escapes way up in the atmosphere, and you get an insane view like the one in the above video. Not as cool as real aliens, sure, but still pretty neat. [Bad Astronomy via io9]


    Hmmm, well the Falcon took off at 12:45am here on the Gold Coast, and considering this video is taken at dawn about 4 hours later, that's a hell of a long rocket launch....

    I don't remember ever hearing so much about spiral phenomena as in the last year! The Norway spiral and the spiral phenomena caught in Bureau of Meteorology earlier this year over Australia -right up until April and now this one. There's a problem with the time of rocket launch and the actual phenomena occurring off the coast of Australia. It will take more than a story in the news to convince me that it was simply a rocket....We are still not getting the real story - of that I'm certain. Open your eyes and do some real investigation people!

    The woo woos are out in force again. Doug and rosemary, i suggest you actually click on the link that sayd 'Bad Astronomy' and have a read before you post silly things... ;-)

    Oh shit.... someone alert Stephen Conroy... it's another of those spam portals!

    look up "blue star kachina" from the "hopi proficey"

    this whole missile excuse is out the window when you look at the spiral that was in china - which changed directions from counter clockwise to clockwise in an instant. a missile is not going to do that.

      Kat, the rocket isn't going around and around in a spiral. The rocket stays in the center. The spiral is caused by the steering rockets on the sides - their exhaust gases expand outwards as the rocket turns on its axis. Being in space, there's no air to slow them down or create turbulence, which is why the spiral lines stay so regular and clean, and also why they expand to such a huge size that we can see them from the ground.

      Fire a burst in the opposite direction - which is exactly what you have to do to slow down or stop the spinning - and you get a second spiral expanding outwards in the other direction.

    I'm an ultraskeptic when it comes to unnatural phenomenon, but the ICBM in Norway and the several rockets blamed for the Australian spirals (one of which moved up the entire east coast) along with really sketchy details of the rockets in question (some meant to be in space, yet interfere with the atmosphere in a visible manner) makes me more skeptical of the lolrocket theory as much as I am of lolballoon's.

    The arguments explaining what it is from a skeptical point of view are as anecdotal as the arguments from the tin foil hat brigade of it's supernatural or alien origins. Either way, it's a phenomenon that's worthy if far more research than a random lolrocket dismissal.

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