An Official Moleskine Kindle Case, No Modding Required

A whole cottage industry has sprung up around the idea of modifying Moleskine notebooks to house gadgets, and now the historic brand is getting in on the action themselves: they're now offering an official, no-hacking-required Moleskine cover for the Kindle.

The $US40 cover holds the Kindle in place with four elastic bands and has a suede lining to keep your your ebook reader from getting scratched up. A reporter-style notebook sits on the inside of the front cover, letting you jot regular-ink notes of your e-ink texts.

There's a version for the standard, 6" Kindle as well as the bigger Kindle DX, and it's safe to assume that an iPad version will be showing up in messenger bags before too long. I just wonder what Hemingway would say about his favourite notebook housing a paperless version of The Sun Also Rises. It'd probably involve some swear words. [Amazon via Moleskine via MocoLoco]

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