America's Best Robot Dance Crew

Sure, you've seen robots dance before, but you've never seen them dancing like this - shimmying, sliding and sashaying, just like humans, in perfect synchronisation. It's just like Bring It On, but slightly less robotic.

OK, so it's not really America's best - the dance party went down at Shanghai 2010 Expo, where 20 Nao robots, designed by the French team Aldebaran Robotics, synchronised over Wi-Fi to strut their stuff. The robots come kitted with "x86 AMD Geocode 500 Mhz CPU, 2 GB flash memory, two speakers, vision processing capabilities, Wi-fi connectivity and ethernet port", and respond to commands in both English and French, like this: "STOP DANCING BETTER THAN I EVER WILL." [PopSci via Geekoysystem]

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