AdMob Is Not Happy About Being Excluded From iOS

Yesterday, All Things D pointed out that Apple's revised iOS mobile ad terms only allowed "independent" ad agencies to collect user data, effectively blocking the Google-dependent AdMob from competing on Apple's devices. AdMob doesn't like that one bit!

In the humorously and appropriately titled company blog "Mobile Advertising and the iPhone", AdMob CEO Omar Hamoui expresses his displeasure and explains why you - the users and the developers - should be displeased, too:

Let's be clear. This change is not in the best interests of users or developers. In the history of technology and innovation, it's clear that competition delivers the best outcome. Artificial barriers to competition hurt users and developers and, in the long run, stall technological progress.

Still, there's little that Hamoui can do in this situation to force Apple's hand. Ironically, it was the emergence of Apple's iAd platform, certain to be a powerful competitor in the mobile advertising space that reportedly swayed the FTC to allow Google's acquisition of AdMob last month. A powerful competitor indeed. [AdMob via All Things D]

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