A Soccer Ball To Light Up Developing Nations

Developed by a group of Harvard graduates just in time for the World Cup, the sOccket 2.0 is an ingenious concept for illuminating developing nations. Kicking the induction coil-equipped ball around for 10 minutes provides three hours of LED light.

We've already seen how the World Cup soccer ball has developed over the years, but sOccket puts that same ball to use for a more noble end. Pictured above is the team's second prototype, which they say plays just like a normal soccer ball but contains a magnetic induction mechanism for generating power. Whereas the first iteration only worked with an LED light, the newer version uses a standard DC jack for powering other electronics.

Julia Silverman, one of the graduates who developed the ball, is on hand in South Africa to promote the sOccket at official World Cup events. They're still looking for manufacturers, but some are considering a model like TOMS Shoes in which buying a ball in a Western country would result in one being distributed in a developing country. If there was a time for a smart idea like this to get off the ground, it's right now. [Soccket via TakePart via Inhabitots]

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