A HUD With Built-In Navigation Makes For A KITT-Worthy Windshield

In-car GPS satellite navigation? Nothing special. A heads-up display for your windshield? Sure, we've seen that. But SpringTeq's WeGo HUD Navigator is the first to combine the two in one design.

The virtual image appears about a metre in front of the driver and measures 4.5 inches. The projector's 400x240 resolution and 13,000cd/m2 brightness mean that it stays visible even in broad daylight, especially with the aid of an optical sensor that automatically adjusts brightness based on external conditions. Here's what else we know for sure:

• It runs Windows CE. • It's got 2GB of built-in flash memory. • It's dead sexy.

Additional pricing and availability info will come towards the end of the year, by which time we'll hopefully have some flying cars to put it in. And no, I don't think that's too much to ask. [GizMag]

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